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Daniel Chote daniel at chote.net
Wed Feb 26 14:59:46 CST 2003

Woohoo, thanks Peter. This has been a much awaited feature

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>Attention client developers!
>I've created a simple PHP script that outputs a list of the public servers
>that have registered with the Jabber Software Foundation and that allow
>open registration of new users. The list is in disco (JEP-0030) format and
>enables you to present a dynamic server list for presentation to users who
>want to register an account using your client. You can do an HTTP GET to
>retrieve the list and then present this information in a drop-down box or
>your interface of choice. The permanent URL is:
>Peter Saint-Andre
>Jabber Software Foundation
>jdev mailing list
>jdev at jabber.org


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