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I agree with Ulrich, 

There are allot of open source companies like: mySQL, Zend, etc... Those
provide open source licenses and also commercial services and products,
maybe you guys at Rhymbox should do it that way too. 

By the way I am a big fan of your client Rhymbox, it is beautiful and
very easy to use, I wish you guys allot of success in your endeavors,
and hope you make a client that will top the only rival for me outside
jabber client's the Trilian client, I really think that inside the
jabber client's you have no rival.

My wish list: A bit more extensibility thru the use of plug-ins.
		  The ability to see the stream in plain text like other
client's do is something that I wish for.
		  OOB made easy, drag and drop exchange of files, in out
of band connections.

PS: I know this is not Rhymbox list, but I think this licensing issue is
something that all developers will have to face sooner or later. And
having a reference on the list might help, maybe a licensing FAQ, on

Just my 2cents...
Best Regards, 
Daniel MD

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I guess it depends on the interpretation of open source. As long as
is not GPL'd, the term open source is more or less meaningless, for me
as a
developer all my source code is open source :)

I do not to stab sebastiaan, but i'd choose a proper license model... it
helps a lot. several companys wanted to obtain and buy/whatever
sourcecode from
me, too, and with a proper licence model everything gets sorted quite

hope this helps...

> Ok, time for some clarification.
> I'm one of the two RhymBox developers.  Shalom contacted me a few days

> ago with this very same question and I answered his questions, as I do

> with every request.  I did not receive any response from him.
> > Shalom Levytam wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks, this helps a bit.
> >
> > I guess Rhymbox is closed source then...
> Take a look in the subdirectory "src" where you installed RhymBox.  It

> contains all scripts, HTML and CSS that you need to modify the GUI.
> The source code for the .exe framework is not distributed because
> much the only reason you would need that is to create commercial 
> application based on RhymBox.  And we don't want that right now.
> We do however give out that source code to friends, people we trust, 
> people who pay, etc.  Contact me directly for more about this.  JDEV
> not a mailing list about one client.
>  > Tijl Houtbeckers wrote:
> > "
> > Free services
> > RhymBox client and Jabber server
> > We offer a next-generation Jabber client. RhymBox is open source and

> > free of charge for personal use. "
> > 
> > It doesn't state what licence though, but "free of charge for
> > use" sort of implies not free for commercial use Perhaps a more
> > licence is provided in the download (since it's a DHTML application
> > assume source is bundled with the download (or maybe there's a way
> > compile DHTML these days).
> There are ways to conceil DHTML code but they are flawed, hardly worth

> the effort and the exact opposite of what "open-source" means to the 
> RhymBox project.  The license states something like "you can modify
> source code as long as you don't make a million bucks selling it
> our backs".  Not in those words though. ;-)
> The license is the first screen of the installer, and is also placed
> the installation directory ("License.txt") for reviewing.
> We want people to be able to tweak the program interface, to learn
> the Jabber protocol, to have an example of programming for the
> libraries and languages that we use.  Nothing more.
> -- 
> Sebastiaan
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