[JDEV] Scaling 1.4.2 with xdb_file... And the patch

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at blueairnetworks.com
Thu Feb 27 17:06:39 CST 2003

Mike Prince wrote:

> I've included the patched xdb_file for those stuck in 1.4.2 land and are
> so inclined.  To use the patch just drop in it and compile.  It WILL NOT
> reorg your existing file store (you'll have to write a script to move
> the files around).  The new directory is arranged as
> ./spool/hostname/m/me/mike.xml where the first fanout directory under
> hostname is the first character of the username, and the second fanout
> directory is the first and the last characters of the username.  Pretty
> simple.

Great, though a diff would be perferable - in case one has other changes 
in the xdb_file.c!

Here's a little one-liner shell script you can use to re-arrange all the 
data files in your spool directory.  It should be run from the spool 
directory (ie. "cd /var/spool/jabber" or wherever).

ls *.xml | perl -n -e 'chomp; /^(.)(.)/; mkdir $1 unless -d $1;
mkdir "$1/$1$2\n" unless -d "$1/$1$2"; rename $_, "$1/$1$2/$_";'

To "undo" you can simply swap the order of the arguments to rename.


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