[JDEV] Scaling 1.4.2 with xdb_file... And the patch

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Fri Feb 28 13:49:39 CST 2003

> > The new directory is arranged as 
> ./spool/hostname/m/me/mike.xml where 
> > the first fanout directory under hostname is the first character of 
> > the username, and the second fanout directory is the first and the 
> > last characters of the username.
> Transports typically use "user%host.xml" for spool files so I 
> think this limits the second character of the second fanout 
> directory to the last character of the server's TLD. Why not 
> use the second user name character?

The code is targeted for (selfishly) my usage wherein the user names are
autogenerated and the last part is a set of digits.  Thus names end up
looking like mike007.xml, in which case the last digit will be pretty
even distributed.

Fabio also suggested a better algorithm in which a hash or such is used
in place of the actual username characters.

If I end up rewriting the patch I'll likely incorporate changes based on
the above recommendations.



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