[JDEV] Transports w/ cygwin?

Jonathan H Lundquist fluxsmith at fluxsmith.com
Wed Jan 1 17:33:23 CST 2003

I decided I'd give JIT a try.  I compiled under cygwin by changing
include <bits/time.h> to <time.h> in jabberd.h and adding -liconv to the
definition of $(LIBS) in the makefile.  It seems to run okay, but does
not respond to client requests.

The sample configuration file includes
<load><icqtrans>icqtrans.so</icqtrans></load>.  I removed this entry, as
the makefile appears to build a monolithic exe, and does not build an
icqtrans library.  Perhaps my problem is that this entry is required,
but where am I supposed to get icqtrans?

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Don't forget to consider JIT for ICQ instead of ICQv7-t. The old icq-
transport-0.9 is virtually useless since it uses the obsolete ICQv5 
protocol. You could also try AIMt, since it works for both AIM and ICQ, 
but it's not recommended for ICQ. 

Tijl Houtbeckers
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The Netherlands

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