[JDEV] webclient project

Stefan Strigler steve at zeank.in-berlin.de
Fri Jan 3 10:58:33 CST 2003


On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 07:20:48PM +0300, Mike Shoyher wrote:
> The major problem is our beloved statelessness of the HTTP. That means
> the web server must keep all sessions to the jabber server. I don't
> see a good way to do it using mod_perl.

Hm, what's the problem? Statelessness is what you always have to deal
with. Once you're logged in mod_perl holds up the connection to the
jabber server for you (sure there must be some timeout or so). Session
is tracked by apache itself (or by a cookie).

> Probably it would make sense to invent special stateless transport for
> the jabber server. The jabber server keeps sessions anyway so we could
> unburden the client and provide a way for the client to send what it
> wants and fetch the whole backlog of waiting messages.

Are you talking about something like this:
http://oid.jabber.org/?oid=1102 ?

All this greatly announced web client projects don't seem to have come
far ... don't know why ... 


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