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Chris Shafer wcshafer at cablespeed.com
Fri Jan 3 15:19:57 CST 2003

Yes this would help some but not all people. 

e.g. If I where at the public library and for some reason wanted to use
jabber to talk to somebody. The library  around here do not have Java
installed and I'm not in a position to go and install a client on there


I cam sitting in my VB programming class(***SHUDDER*** at least it is a
easy A) and he starts lecturing on loops or some other equally useless
topic that anyone should be able to get out of a book. I could go online
and chat once again I don't have the permissions to install the client
and there is no Java installed. 

While the need for a pure HTML client is potentially small it does fill
a niche market. Although I admit any implementation will very likely be
hard on the server. Esp for a more that trivial number of users.


On Fri, 2003-01-03 at 14:44, Dave Meador wrote:
> A pure http chat interface would be great, but is also a very difficult
> problem.  Given that you *can* manage state by creating a session in PHP or
> something similar, but the problem is notifying the client (browser in this
> case) when a chat message arrives for the client and needs to be displayed.
> To my knowledge, the only way to do this is to have a refresh-button that
> will trigger an update to redisplay the page with the new information.  That
> is ugly!  Or you might use a polling like mechanism where you constantly
> redirect the web page for updates, which is even more kludgy and slow.
> How were you planning on solving the client-notification problem?  I think
> there needs to be a client-side process running that maintains a connection
> to the sever... thus Java and Flash based solutions.
> The need for a chat client on the HTTP port stems from the following issue:
> Most companies block chat ports either deliberately or inadvertantly
> depending on their IT policies.  Also, most companies have the HTTP port
> open for whatever reason.  Since this port is more often than not open, it
> is easier to utilize the already open port for a service rather than annoy
> the IT guys to open the proper port usually to no avail.  So why not provide
> a chat server that listens on port 80 and setup the client to connect to
> chat.domain.tld:80 and to all your... and of course the nice thing about
> having a Java client (or Flash or whatever) is that you can use it
> (supposedly) on any browser that supports Java eliminating the need for a
> chat client to be installed on the client machine.  Of course thats just my
> opinion. </rant>
> --Dave
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> > Hello Richard,
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> > Friday, January 03, 2003, 6:51:00 PM, you wrote:
> >
> > RD> Its probably better to help the existing projects rather than create a
> whole
> > RD> new one of your own, I think i saw a javascript one a while back that
> looked
> > RD> promising.
> >
> > All the clients I found so far aren't pure web, they use either flash or
> > java to connect to the server. I had an intention to make a
> > jabber-based web chat, but things look quite complicated to me.
> >
> > The major problem is our beloved statelessness of the HTTP. That means
> > the web server must keep all sessions to the jabber server. I don't
> > see a good way to do it using mod_perl.
> >
> > Probably it would make sense to invent special stateless transport for
> > the jabber server. The jabber server keeps sessions anyway so we could
> > unburden the client and provide a way for the client to send what it
> > wants and fetch the whole backlog of waiting messages.
> >
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