[JDEV] JabberWebClient mailList and other comments

Adrian Rapa adrian at kilipir.ro
Sat Jan 4 02:00:11 CST 2003

sorry for my last email, i forgot to put the title :)
Anyway i JabberWebClient has a project on jabberstudio.org
and a mailing list

OK. now the best ideea i found is to use the Http Polling jep.
Why not others?

My ideea with http stream its not good... brcause at many users it might
kook the system procesor.. while i was trying to do that i got 50%-60%
laod for 10-12 users. The second is that a firewall might interrupt the
conenction without any notice. The third is that when the internet
connection goes down for a few seconds, will need a jabber login.

Java client is not suitable for this because:
1. not all browsers can run java
2. there is not a standard implementation of SSL protocol in Java. Itried
to use several libs but they failed on Microsoft JVM.

Flash is not suitable because:
1. nat all broesers supports the latest vessions of flash
2. it doesnt have SSL(as i know)

Web Client Services Alpha Release
i'll take a closer look. It might be somenthing good

Chris Shafer sollutions might work. In fact that was another spolution i
had in mind.. it was a C module but phyton can be good to. Th disadvantage
is that practicaly you ewrite a jabber client for that module (without
graphic interface of course).

ClassJabberPHP is good but for my first ideea (the continous connection on).
I tried also Pete Chown ideea using jabberapplet. The main problem was
that on port 443 i get the client page(the applet page) for security
reasons. So i had to connect on 80. And here comes why i think that http
pooling is the best optin. On port 80 most companies have a tranparent

To conclude.

I wait for JabberWebCLint List submissions in order not to flame this list.
For beginig i propose that we should Use http polling, so we need n apache
module that will conenct to jabber server, and stay connected until he
gets dunavailable presence or a timeout comes.

We should try to make both type of clients the tabbed(tkabber, enigma
style) one and windwed one(like exodus, gabber).
The refresh timeout will be an optimum one.. i thought about 1 minute.
I will study Web Client Services Alpha Release maybe it is a polling
component start.

Best Regards
Adrian Rapa

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