[JDEV] more of JabberWebClient

Adrian Rapa adrian at kilipir.ro
Sat Jan 4 03:35:06 CST 2003

there are two ways i can see of doing this:

1. using an http polling component, acordingly to JEP-025, and making an web
page that will take data from there, interprets them and creats the webpage.

2. creating a server side jabber client that takes all data from the jabebr
server and stores themn in an database or some file (i prefer database).
Then the Web page reads data from the database an creteas the web pages. The
server side jabber client can be a perl/phyton/c one... it doesnt matter, as
long as it writes in database/file and the web page (php/asp/perl) read that

The first is Jabber Compatible, the second... hmm i might write a jep :)

Adrian Rapa

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