[JDEV] JabberWebClient

lukasm lukasm at wp-sa.pl
Mon Jan 6 03:35:43 CST 2003


I will finich my webclient in a few days. I based it on two modules. One 
written in C ( backend )
and second in PHP ( frontend ).
Backend is based on client2socket module.
Communication beetwen PHP and backend is based on text protocol:
  PHP sends data:
         command args

  Backend resturns data as serialized array.

Now I'm finishing html.

I'm lokking forward too see project specification and I wish to join 
that project.

Lukas Karwacki

Adrian Rapa wrote:

>I will wait until Friday next week, to get the peple for the project, then
>i will start to write a roadmap,specifications and so on...
>Adrian Rapa
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