[JDEV] Question regarding jabberd

Dov Katz Dov.Katz at morganstanley.com
Wed Jan 8 14:01:51 CST 2003

If I wanted to take jabberd and add a tag which cc's all presence and
messages to a server component, please let me know if what I'm planning
on doing makes sense:
(this is all for 1.4.2)

I want to make a <src>/jabberd/base/base_carboncopy.c

Then put a <carboncopy>some_jid_or_internal_component_id</carboncopy>

high up in the sessions service, so it sees everything.
 <service id="sessions">
   <host><jabberd:cmdline flag="h">localhost</jabberd:cmdline></host>

In base_carboncopy.c I want to do this: (this is the part I'd like some
advice on:
result base_forward_deliver(instance id, dpacket p, void* arg){

    if my packet is a message, or presence
    copy it, wrap in route tag, and deliver to component which is
defined in the config.

Any advice?

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