[JDEV] jabberwebclient

Adrian Rapa adrian at kilipir.ro
Fri Jan 10 00:54:08 CST 2003

hi guys

With the people we have, we can start thinking at JabberWebClient
We will use JEP-0025: Jabber HTTP Polling in order to do it.
I am thinking that the project has 2 parts:

-- 1. Writing a server side jabber client that will conenct to jabber
server when a new use logs in, and stores the data received from jabber
server somewhere: in a file but it should exists database implementations
-- 2. Writing a php/asp/perl client that interprets the data and output
them as a html webpage (the web client).
1. Server side module.
    I was thinking at an apache module. It just should get the data from
jabber, store it in a file and then when he is gettin requests, serve
it. If anyone has any ather ideea, please let me know.
2. JabberWebClient
    I was thinking of writing it using only HTML/DHTNL and
javascript/ECMAScript. it should be very simple, as it will be an
webpage that reloads every 2 minutes, let say.

As I am not so good at apache modules, i need some help here. Also if you
have another sugestions please post the on the list.
Until monday, i'll wait some suggestions, then depending on what will
happen i'll start to write an roadmap and more detailed specs.

Adrian Rapa

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