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David Yitzchak Cohen dave at dave.tj
Fri Jan 10 01:49:51 CST 2003

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 08:54:08AM +0200, Adrian Rapa wrote:

> hi guys
Hey, Adrian :-)

> With the people we have, we can start thinking at JabberWebClient
> Implementation.
> We will use JEP-0025: Jabber HTTP Polling in order to do it.
Eeeek ... please don't use HTTP Polling if you don't have to.  It's not

> I am thinking that the project has 2 parts:
definitely two parts, IMHO, is the way to go

> -- 1. Writing a server side jabber client that will conenct to jabber
> server when a new use logs in, and stores the data received from jabber
> server somewhere: in a file but it should exists database implementations
> too.
Make the server-side Jabber client persistent, so the web server only
sends the client commands.  The Jabber client can maintain normal
(non-HTTP) connections to the Jabber servers in question.

> -- 2. Writing a php/asp/perl client that interprets the data and output
> them as a html webpage (the web client).
The php/asp/perl client can be a lot simpler if it simply connects to
an already-running component #1 (above) to send a query and uses the
response to create the web page.

Good luck with your project,
Dave Cohen <dave at dave.tj>

Uncle Cosmo, why do they call this a word processor?
It's simple, Skyler.  You've seen what food processors do to food, right?
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