[JDEV] jabberwebclient

lukasm lukasm at wp-sa.pl
Fri Jan 10 04:54:35 CST 2003

Adrian Rapa wrote:

>hi guys
>With the people we have, we can start thinking at JabberWebClient
>We will use JEP-0025: Jabber HTTP Polling in order to do it.
>I am thinking that the project has 2 parts:
>-- 1. Writing a server side jabber client that will conenct to jabber
>server when a new use logs in, and stores the data received from jabber
>server somewhere: in a file but it should exists database implementations
>-- 2. Writing a php/asp/perl client that interprets the data and output
>them as a html webpage (the web client).
>1. Server side module.
>    I was thinking at an apache module. It just should get the data from
>jabber, store it in a file and then when he is gettin requests, serve
>it. If anyone has any ather ideea, please let me know.
Apache module is not good idea. I would write normal jabberd module with 
listen socket.
Then PHP or java or .... can connect to that module and take data.
Not everybody use apache and PHP.

>2. JabberWebClient
>    I was thinking of writing it using only HTML/DHTNL and
>javascript/ECMAScript. it should be very simple, as it will be an
>webpage that reloads every 2 minutes, let say.
We can reload only one single hidden frame ( every 5-10 sec ) and keep 
user data in cache ( file or shm ).

>As I am not so good at apache modules, i need some help here. Also if you
>have another sugestions please post the on the list.
>Until monday, i'll wait some suggestions, then depending on what will
>happen i'll start to write an roadmap and more detailed specs.

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