[JDEV] Capacity/Stability of Jabberd2

David Esposito dvesposito at newnetco.com
Fri Jan 10 08:07:04 CST 2003

Hello all,

I have a question which i've seen asked a few times now but the last set of
replies was back in March 2002. It's in regard to the capacity and
scalability of the open source jabberd project. I see that Jabberd2 is in
the alpha state now and sounds like it's a complete rewrite of the codebase
... I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the
capacity/scalability/stability of this new implementation of a jabber
server... I have a need for a server which can support several thousand
(maybe 10k) simultaneous connections and I am not able to afford the
commercial (Jabber, Inc.) server ...

The hardware I have in mind is a 2 GHz Xeon with 1.5 GB of RAM running
Redhat 8 ... any guesses?

I apologize, but I am sending this message to both the jabberd and jdev
mailing lists since I'm not quite sure where it belongs ...

thanks in advance,

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