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> >>the webserver. But even that will give a lot of problems to quite a lot
> >>of people that don't have sysadmin rights on their server.
> > hmm dont have sysadmin on my server? thats strange...
> Not everyone can afford a dedicated server and not everyone is allowed
> or able to run a server on their own computer (with a broadband
> connection). So quite a few persons are going to run this on shared
i think you missunderstood. You dont have, as a client, to run apache...
only yhe server will run it
it will be like connecting to a web page.
> BTW regarding the connections.. It's also possible to combine persistent
> connections between the browser and the HTTP server and a sort of
> polling. You can work with a persistent connection (which should show
> incoming information almost instantly) which is automatically restored
> when this connection is closed for some reason.
Dont know yet... i will study this...
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