[JDEV] ANN: Smack -- Open Source Java Jabber library

Bain Kennedy bkennedy at isgca.com
Fri Jan 10 13:25:00 CST 2003

That looks by far the easiest API to use, how big is this library going to be and what other libraries is it dependant on?

Is XML Parsing built in?

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Hey all,

Today we're announcing Smack, an Open Source (Apache license) Jabber library
in Java. More information can be found at the website:


Some key advantages:

 * Provides an easy way to add serializable Java objects to any packet. 
 * Much simpler to use than other API's.

The first binary and source release will be on January 17, but early
versions of the documentation and Javadocs are available now.

Best Regards,
Matt Tucker
Jive Software

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