[JDEV] Is it possible to prevent registered transport layersautomatically logging in?

Philip Shepherd phil at muqus.com
Sun Jan 12 19:36:24 CST 2003

> Before you are sending the <presence/> packet, send an individual
> presence to the transports that shows you as offline (<presence
> to='transport.domain.com' type='unavailable'/>).

I've not yet been able to get this to work properly.  Sending the
presence to a transport layer, does cause the the layer to logout. However,
global presence messages are still received by the transport layer, so as
soon as I send a global presence message, the transport layer logs back in.

I've tried sending the "Unavailable" message at various points in the
with no success.

This behaviour seems to be dependent on the way the Jabber server processes
individual presence messages.  i.e. We would get the desired effect if the
server did not send global presence messages to jid's which have already
an individual presence message.

If you know of a Jabber server with which this tactic is known to work,
send me the details so I can resolve this issue on my own Jabber server.



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