[JDEV] Is it possible to prevent registered transport layersautomatically logging in?

Philip Shepherd phil at muqus.com
Mon Jan 13 15:11:41 CST 2003

> > But for the original problem it would be a solution then to login to the
> > server with a presence of type invisible (transports would stay offline
> > then) and sending individual presences to every item on the users
> Yes the best solution is to use the invisibility extensions, send out
> invisibility to the transports and then send the normal presence i think
> that should work ok, invisiblity is what should be used if you want people
> or transports to think you are offline, the only problem comes now that
> transports probably wont be explicitly programmed to support the
> new invisiblity and will need to be tested to see what they do when
> invisibility is used.

Testing reveals that the msn transport layer does not support the
invisibility extenstion.
i.e. Sending an invisible presence to the msn transport layer does not
prevent the
Is there any information available on how I could enhance the transport
to support this feature?



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