[JDEV] XML "feed" for server list

Sebastiaan 'CBAS' Deckers cbas at screaming3d.com
Mon Jan 13 18:33:35 CST 2003

Sounds like a good idea.

Might I suggest that the serverlist is available in many different data 
formats?  For example: XML, HTML (duh), CSV, etc.
How about making it available through Jabber, HTTP, FTP, SOAP, etc?

This can be used for more than Jabber clients.  Think website 
registration forms, automated registrations based on distance from a 
certain server, etc


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Several people have asked me whether it would be possible to provide an
> XML version of the public server list hosted at jabber.org:
> http://www.jabber.org/user/publicservers.php
> The intended use would be for client developers to be able to get the
> server list before providing a registration interface for new users
> (rather than just default the server to jabber.org).
> Is this something that client developers would find useful? If so, I'll
> find a way to make it happen.
> Peter
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