[JDEV] 405 error

Ulrich Staudinger chicago5 at gmx.de
Tue Jan 14 12:27:30 CST 2003


i am somewhat in trouble, i fiddle around with the Stocks component for
several hours now, everything works fine (at least those parts that i need, like
fetching time delayed data from yahoo and packaging it as realtime data),
except for the broadcast of the data. 

My component is called 'stocks' and it is successfully connected to my dev
server. My component can send <message>s, but (so it looks to me) <iq>s do not
get through the server [i pack them as in the stock data jep dscr.] to their
desired recipients. My component does recieve <iq>s. 

The component always recieves an 405 error. 

Any suggestions? 


Ulrich Staudinger http://www.die-horde.de

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