[JDEV] Icon Styles, Wanting to get more feedback

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Thu Jan 16 14:53:28 CST 2003

Hi, all. I've been letting JEP 0038 languish due to me not having enough 
time or energy for it.

I've finally cleaned up the pages for it at my wiki, and would like to 
get some final feedback on it before I try to make it Final Call on the 
standards jig.


It is currently almost unchanged from the current JEP on the jabber.org 
website. I am just looking for people's opinions on a few issues:

    * Should <graphic/>, <sound/> and <format/> be merged into a single 
<object/> tag? I really no longer care one way or the other, I just want 
some people to express their views one way or the other so I can feel 
good by going with public concensus.

    * Should the graphic and sound files, plus the CSS data go in the 
elements as their value, or as the value of an attribute in the element, 
as they are now? Basically, they are currently <graphic file=man.png/>, 
but should it be changed to <graphic>man.png</graphic>. MIME type info 
would remain where it is, as an attribute. I'm thinking this is more how 
XML should be structured, IMO, and it represents how I'm beginning to 
change my other XML works.

    * Should the graphic and sound files be allowed to be in 
subdirectories, and referenced that way in the icondef.xml file? If it 
takes extra code to fetch files in subdirectories, then I'd say no.

Basically, it's majority rules here, so please comment!

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