[jabberd] [JDEV] Announce Jabber::mod_perl major release 0.05

Piers Harding piers at ompa.net
Fri Jan 17 08:18:27 CST 2003

Major New Release of Jabber::mod_perl for jabberd2

Jabber::mod_perl - mod_perl for Jabber (2)

I have just released Jabber::mod_perl version 0.05 to CPAN
(should be available on a mirror near you soon ).

This provides a totally new set of features by way of jadperl.

While the core mod_perl provides plugable handler support for the sm
- jadperl provides a framework for developing components based
on the same mechanisms.

features include:
  - full daemonized process that can be run multiple times 
  given separate configuration files, to take on different
  component personalities.
  - like other core components of j2 - jadperl is based on 
  SX and NADs, so you have all the benifits that come with
  this in terms of speed (NADs), and SSL, or SASL support (SX)

Other updates include are:
  - expanded Jabber::NADs support to cover all NAD function and macro
   support as described by the j2 util/util.h header.

Jabber::mod_perl is available at: http://search.cpan.org/search?author=PIERS
( make sure that you getversion 0.05 )


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