[JDEV] How to get current number of users?

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Wed Jan 22 10:49:17 CST 2003

Sylvain Roberdeau wrote:
> But by this way it's impossible to distinguish component -> jabberd
> connection to client-> jabberd connection.
> And if you use a "Jadc2s" for polling, only one connection is visible
> for all clients.

All of the other solutions are overkill IMO...
on jabber.org, we use jadc2s, and to get current # of users for
status.jabber.org, we just do:

netstat -n | grep 5222 | grep ESTAB | wc -l

from the cmd line.. Actually we have a cron job that runs and logs the # to a
file, so that the status.jabber.org web page can updated accordingly. Simple,
and easy.


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