[JDEV] yahoo issues anyone?

David 'TheRaven' Chisnall theraven at sucs.org
Thu Jan 23 17:59:47 CST 2003

Perhaps I should have qualified the last post with 'Your milage may 
vary', but I stand by what I said.  Y! is still a small network next to 
MSN and AIM, and can't hope to compete without either a killer 
application, or allowing interoperability.  Embracing Jabber might give 
them the commercial edge they need.  Instead, they try to block it.  Was 
common sense outlawed while I wasn't looking?

Marc Blank wrote:

>I am working on a Jabber client for the Handspring Treo 300 and ALL of
>my alpha testers (from different geographical areas, walks of life,
>etc.) use Y messenger.  FYI.
>- Marc
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>What is wrong with Y!?  I haven't bothered installing the Y!-t on my 
>server because:
>a) I don't know anyone who uses Y!
>b) No one who uses my server has told me (and I have asked quite a few) 
>that they know anyone who uses Y!
>An IM network only survives because people can use it to talk to their 
>friends.  Since Y! has sucha a small user base, the only way they can 
>compete is by interoperability.  This makes no sense.  Still, I suppose 
>if they had sense, they'd be using Jabber :)

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