[JDEV] yahoo issues anyone?

Marc Blank mblank at xsmail.com
Thu Jan 23 18:38:29 CST 2003

The three companies - Yahoo, AOL, and MSN - are the 800-pound gorillas
of the internet.  In their minds, it's a life or death struggle, and
every bit of exclusivity provides an edge, no matter how slight.

Yahoo abandoning YIM for Jabber is about as likely as Apple abandoning
the Mac OS in favor of Linux... ;-) 

- m

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Perhaps I should have qualified the last post with 'Your milage may 
vary', but I stand by what I said.  Y! is still a small network next to 
MSN and AIM, and can't hope to compete without either a killer 
application, or allowing interoperability.  Embracing Jabber might give 
them the commercial edge they need.  Instead, they try to block it.  Was

common sense outlawed while I wasn't looking?

Marc Blank wrote:

>I am working on a Jabber client for the Handspring Treo 300 and ALL of 
>my alpha testers (from different geographical areas, walks of life,
>etc.) use Y messenger.  FYI.
>- Marc
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>What is wrong with Y!?  I haven't bothered installing the Y!-t on my
>server because:
>a) I don't know anyone who uses Y!
>b) No one who uses my server has told me (and I have asked quite a few)

>that they know anyone who uses Y!
>An IM network only survives because people can use it to talk to their 
>friends.  Since Y! has sucha a small user base, the only way they can 
>compete is by interoperability.  This makes no sense.  Still, I suppose

>if they had sense, they'd be using Jabber :)

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