[JDEV] yahoo issues anyone?

Robert Sanders sandersr at corp.earthlink.net
Fri Jan 24 16:14:53 CST 2003

RE: RE: [JDEV] yahoo issues anyone?lbartram at colligo.com wrote:

> The Mach kernel, which came out of SMU, is a small computer version of
the BSD kernel.
> So it may not be FreeBSD, but it essentially BSD ( as opposed to other
flavours of Unix).

I'm afraid you're a little confused.  Mach was a microkernel research
project which did, in various ways, incorporate large parts of the BSD
kernel to provide Unix functionality.  However, it was most definitely not
Unix at its core.  That was just a "personality" layered on top.  Mach has
also supported personalities based upon Linux, OSF/1, NextStep (basically
BSD 4.2), the Hurd (which is quite different from Unix), and no doubt quite
a few research operating systems of which I've never heard.

  -- Robert

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