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RE: RE: [JDEV] yahoo issues anyone?Actually the Mach kernel came out of a
research project at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) not SMU, and as has
already been said is not just for BSD but is used in a lot of other systems,
but yes coming back to the main point Darwin is based on BSD/Mach just as
FreeBSD is based on BSD but that still does not mean MacOSX is FreeBSD, its

Anyway I think thats enough of this argument ;), if anyone still wants to
argue about this I suggest we take it off list or that you do some googling.

Mach project website for anyone interested:


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The Mach kernel, which came out of SMU, is a small computer version of  the
BSD kernel.
So it may not be FreeBSD, but it essentially BSD ( as opposed to other
flavours of Unix).
(Unix ROCKS :)
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> On Thursday January 23, 2003 04:38, Marc Blank wrote:
> > The three companies - Yahoo, AOL, and MSN - are the 800-pound gorillas
> > of the internet.  In their minds, it's a life or death struggle, and
> > every bit of exclusivity provides an edge, no matter how slight.
> >
> > Yahoo abandoning YIM for Jabber is about as likely as Apple abandoning
> > the Mac OS in favor of Linux... ;-)
> Yeah, they already moved to FreeBSD.
Urm no actually its MacOSX which runs on Darwin which uses the Mach kernel,
its not FreeBSD.

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