[JDEV] jabber server+client as a single mutiprotocol IM application

Евгений Филиппов joxy2000 at mail.ru
Tue Jan 28 06:27:33 CST 2003

Vapor [vapor at 66oc.org] wrote:
> to satisfy the whole gateway problem <...> you can use
> GAIM or maybe even EveryBuddy or something like that.

Jabber sounds like a join-forces, more developer-resource-wise approach to the problem.  Jabber-based multiprotocol client solution should be able to reuse code modules that are maintained by the Jabber community.  Therefore, Jabber-based mp client may have *more attractive end user expirience* than any particular spinoff solutions like Gaim/EB/Trillian/etc.

WinGAIM is more or less acceptable, but frequently crashes with access violation.  WinGAIM transport modules are not stable enough.  EB refuses to install at all.  Trillian is too, crashy.

Using Jabber for the same is *better*, since more developers are involved into code maintenance.  Custom protocols (icq, etc) evolve with time.  Their servers (hence protocols) unexpectedly change with time.  End user expirience suffers.  Jabber may solve this better.


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