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Dan vze2ry7c at verizon.net
Tue Jan 28 08:29:28 CST 2003

You can run a Jabber server with a dynamic IP.  I'm doing it now.  I use a
dynamic domain (free) from no-ip.com.  They have a utility that refreshes
the IP.  Works fine except for the occasional delay when a DNS update is
being rolled out.

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> >>hello, i was wondering what is wrong with the protocol that it can't
> >>dynamic IP's ?   Jabber server, thus moving Jabber closer to a
> >>peer-to-peer model (currently this would require each device to have its
> >>own fully qualified domain name). I really would like to implement a p2p
> >>jabber network.
> So does the Internet. If you want to change that, take it up with the guys
> who built it ;).
> You can probably setup the jabberd server to be called 'localhost' and
> the clients connect by IP address, why would you want to.. Every client is
> a server, then who gets to be tom or john? How do you route messages with
> such chaos?
> Napster et all don't work completely dynamically either, someone somewhere
> controls who you are (server), and says you are johny28382, and then
> figures out you want to talk to susie12 and connects the two IPs directly.
> That server had to be registered in DNS (or have a fixed IP).
> Jabber isn't crippled this way. No one cares who the client's IP is, only
> the server must be a known entity. I use Jabber for what is essentially
> communications right now (two instances of my program exchange information
> over jabber), without issues.
> If you want p2p file sharing, there's other things that accomplish that
> that are GPL and you can build what you like on top of them. Or use Jabber
> as the server, and the 'clients' can exchange 'file list' type messages
> with multiple other clients simultaneously as a result of a search.
> Personally, that's over engineering an established solution in my books,
> I'd grab a GPL'd p2p program, and extend it rather than kludging an IM
> solution to do it. But, that's my preference.
> Jabber does exactly what its been designed to do. And is flexible enough
> (with sufficient work on the developer's part) to do more. Losing the
> 'authoritative' server won't make it more flexible imho :).
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