[JDEV] P2P and IM

Daniel MD danielmd at im-thinking.com
Tue Jan 28 12:09:36 CST 2003

Ok maybe i expressed myself wrongly, 

What i would like to create is a collaboration network tool, on one side
i have the IM and threaded subjects, and on the other i have a file
swapping area, where i can upload some files, say a CAD file, or the
Source Code of SuperLIB, so from my perspective i can do two or three
implementation options:
 number one: Use a combination of P2P (open source p2p) and IM (jabber),

 second. use Jabber and try to modify a server to exchange file lists,
that cross over  through  HTTP GET  HTTP POS requests, 

 third: create a win32 socket application that does all the stuff i need
(very hard work)

So what would the list recommend? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Best Regards, 
Daniel MD

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