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Bart van Bragt bart at vanbragt.com
Tue Jan 28 09:10:43 CST 2003

Dan wrote:
> Works fine except for the occasional delay when a DNS update is
> being rolled out.

Indeed.. SO this will work most of the times for xDSL/Cable uses with a 
semi-permanent (semi-dynamic) IP adres but not for people with a dial-up 

For instance my DNS server (tue.nl) caches everything for one day, 
regardless of the TTL :\ And even with a low TTL Jabber will suck when 
their connection gets disrupted and they'll have to redial. THis will 
mean a new IP adres and waiting for DNS to propagate :\

So it'll work but only for semi-permanent addresses.

Bart van Bragt
"Take my advice. I don't use it anyway."

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