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Vapor vapor at 66oc.org
Thu Jan 30 11:48:06 CST 2003

http://iksemel.jabberstudio.org/  <- its for linux and I dont know what OS
you are shooting.  If you want to use it in win32 you will need to recode
the network sockets section but otherwise is will probably work fine for
you.  its all C as well.
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> Hi all, sorry for the offtopic questoin, i'm developing a jabber based
> application.
> The app is gonna be running in a very small computer with a small amount
> RAM.
> First of all i have to choos a jabber protocol libray. I'm working on C.
> Can anyone recommennd me a good, tiny lib?
> I' ve seen jabberoo but it's based on sigc++, and i don't like to onclude
> in the app.
> thanks
> (b)
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