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Mikael Hallendal micke at codefactory.se
Thu Jan 30 20:55:13 CST 2003

tor 2003-01-30 klockan 17.44 skrev Barrett:
> Hi all, sorry for the offtopic questoin, i'm developing a jabber based
> application.
> The app is gonna be running in a very small computer with a small amount of
> RAM.
> First of all i have to choos a jabber protocol libray. I'm working on C.
> Can anyone recommennd me a good, tiny lib?
> I' ve seen jabberoo but it's based on sigc++, and i don't like to onclude it
> in the app.
> thanks


I'm currently in the process of releasing a C client library using Glib.
It's very small (installed takes about 25k) and should suite your small
computer needs well (the problem I guess will be Glib which is quite

I put up the API docs at:
though I haven't had time to actually document all the functions yet. 

Let me know if this might be interesting for you. I plan to support at
least Linux, Mac OSX, *BSD and Win32. Currently only Linux is tested

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