[JDEV] Jabber 1.4.2 - More Memory Leaks !

Asif Ahsan aahsan at actiontec.com
Tue May 6 22:02:13 CDT 2003

Hi All,

First of all I like to thank mr.Luis peralta to provide me the 
informations of
the patch. I've found it and I'll do some more test with it. Anyway, 
here is
some more......

    Seems like this one is serious ! I've connected only few clients to 
Jabber Server
(Be exact 18 clients - They are all from different machines). Then did
the following tests,

1) Login - OK
2) Roaster - OK
3) Send Message - Avg 800 bytes payload (With overhead still less then 1K)
Avg 1 msg per 1-2 seconds (It varies).
** Most of the messages was sent one direction.
** Every client sent messages to a dedicated buddy (Not to everyone).

Here is what happens.

1) Memory Leak - Increased memory usage. Which was never recoverd
even though the clients were disconnected for a very long time.

2) Everytime there is a new connection the memory leak bumps up.

3) Overnight result, Freezed system !

 From my observasion, It seemed like the leak is involved with Login and
Logout. So I did few more tests by just doing login and logout. The 
result was
same (Memory Leak !) but this time was much faster consumption of system 

I've just started playing with JabberD, Any comments folks ! Help will 
be appriciated.

Thank You,
Asif Ahsan

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