[JDEV] RSS jabberd plug-in

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at ugent.be
Sun May 11 10:13:39 CDT 2003

Bart Lamot schreef:
> Hi there,
> I want to develop a RSS jabberd plug-in.
> I believe there one time was such a thing as the header JEP or something.
> Where can I find some info?
> about the JEP and about how to write a jabberd plug-in.
> I want to use java as a language and GCJ as the compiler so that it will be a native thingy, write once run anywhere.


I'm writing an RSS component in Java, but it's not usable yet as I'm 
suffering from a §ç@$% bug in my relational<->object mapping. I use 
Informa as RSS library, Castor for the relational<->object mapping and 
Jabberbeans for the Jabber stuff.

I you would be interested, just contact me.

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