[JDEV] Re: Problem in connecting to jabberd

Rajeev rajeevt at cressanda.com
Mon May 12 04:26:44 CDT 2003

Thanks for the response Van. I'm working on Java to build the chat client.
The jabberd  is on Linux.

I've read an old document from jabber.org. There is an XML tag for server
connection. To connect to the server, client simply use a standard XML
stream to the server on TCP port 5222..

I'm making the connection through the socket class. How would jabberd makes
intial connection and responds after making the connections. Do i need to
send the XML prolog to make the inital connection with port 5222 or the
server would automatically make the connection through the socket class.

Thanks in advance for the help

"Van Gale" <vangale at fastmail.fm> wrote in message
news:3EBF59B3.9080205 at fastmail.fm...
> Hi Rajeev,
> If you can give us more details we can provide a more precise help.
> For instance:
> What language, or languages, do you want to use for development?  What
> OS?  Do you want to develop a complete Jabber client?
> Anyway, as a generally helpful pointer, check out
> <http://jabberstudio.org> which is basically the "sourceforge" of the
> Jabber community.  You can find quite a few open source Jabber clients
> there in many languages and for many platforms.  You can also find
> libraries that might be helpful for you in developing a client.
> For protocol documentation look at <http://jabber.org>.  There are
> several good books available also.
> Welcome to the community!
> Van

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