[JDEV] jabber:iq:last Bug in version 1.4.2. for Windows?

Geir Ove Skjarvik geiroves at online.no
Thu May 15 01:07:11 CDT 2003


Thanks for the response. OK, so development for 1.4.x has stopped. But
surely there existed a buglist for it, has that list been deleted?

All the Clients in my system can use the same resource: All I have to do
then, is to implement jabber:ig:last IQ-get on my clients and send
jabber:iq:last IQ-get to all JIDs in Roster (and append the fixed resource):
That should work for now I think.

Patching the server is not an option: Don't have time, and not really into c
that much: Current project is in Java (for several reasons: Customer for

Will Jabber 2.0 be significantly different? Is this the docs / specs for it:

http://www.jabber.org/ietf/  ?

Geir Ove

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> a) Is this bug reported? If not, where to report it?
> b) Is there a buglist?

There's no real buglist for 1.4, since development on that server has
effectively stopped. Most of the development effort has been diverted to

> c) Any workaround for this? (don't want to use the resource, but to check
> user is online)

You'll probably have to patch the code. You want to look at mod_last.c.


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