[JDEV] Jabberbeans Newbie

Colin Bell colinb at gatewest.co.uk
Thu May 15 04:30:23 CDT 2003

Hi All

I've just started (the attempt) at making a Jabber web client using the 
Jabberbeans api. I am finding it extremely difficult as the examples 
are not particularly clear and their is very little documentation 
besides the api descriptions which are a little abstract if your new to 
the system. Developing for the web also has its issues, ie persistance 
etc. If anyone has some examples that they are willing to share, 
especially to do with a web client, could they email them to me ?

An example issue I'm having is that I can connect to the server, but my 
message gets destoryed because the server claims my connection was 
lost. My attempts up to now have been built from the examples.

Many thanks


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