[JDEV] Does IBM chooses XMPP or SIMPLE?

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at UGent.be
Mon May 19 08:01:22 CDT 2003

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> The only company in the IM market that has made a true commitment to
> SIP/SIMPLE is Microsoft, which has implemented early versions of some
> SIMPLE protocols in its beta enterprise IM product, called Greenwich.
> There are many limits to how much SIMPLE functionality Greenwich can 
> contain for the "simple" reason that the protocol is very incomplete and
> was probably even less complete when MS started development. Even now,
> SIMPLE does not possess the ability to do chat (only single messages),
> groupchat, rosters, etc. Plus I understand that Greenwich also does not
> have any kind of server-to-server functionality, so user at company1 can't
> communicate with contact at company2 (though supposedly that functionality
> is coming in a future release -- heard that before?).
> I applaud MS for committing to an open protocol in one of its instant 
> messaging products (though this is their enterprise product, not its 
> consumer service, and it remains to be seen whether Microsoft's embrace 
> of SIMPLE will include "extensions" as well). We certainly can't say 
> the same thing about AOL or Yahoo, which is unfortunate. 

By "consumer service", do you mean MSN Messenger? So, that MSN Messenger 
isn't based on SIMPLE, but just another proprietary protocol? Of course, 
even if it would be based on SIMPLE, they still had to provide 
extensions, as SIMPLE doesn't support chat sessions.

Phew, still all a "little" bit complicated,

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