[JDEV] jadc2s with msn shutdowns..

Wan Chan Kein wanchan at fibertel.com.ar
Wed May 21 14:10:53 CDT 2003

Hello pple .. i will explain the situation:

1- i log in to my account.
2- i use msn transport (with this account)
3- when i get my msn roaster and i have a user that uses strange characters
(like a nick with two lines) jadc2s (the component to multiply the user on
the jabberd server) shutsdown

if i use only jabberd without jadc2s nothing happend with the strange nick
of the msn roaster.. but i need to use jadc2s.. please i need some help (i
try to change the code of the msn-t like June Kang said about the korean
characters but it doesn work (i think its diffrent problem of mine)

if someone can help me i will be eternally been thankful

Wan chan /ppdorapa

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