[JDEV] Security in XMPP/Jabber: some questions

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at UGent.be
Thu May 22 08:22:17 CDT 2003

Robert Norris wrote:
>>Will jabberd2 support more security than the current jabberd server?
> jabberd2 will support the XMPP security protocols (SASL and STARTTLS),
> the traditional plaintext, digest and zero-knowledge authentication
> protocols, the dialback protocol for server-to-server connections, and
> various forms of connection limits (IP restrictions, rate limiting,
> etc) which can help to prevent denial-of-service attacks.

More in general, will jabberd2 support XMPP (once it is finished) for 
the full 100%?

>>I hope sb. has some time to answer these questions (or some of them). I 
>>don't need in-depth information, just enough to understand it :).
> Hope this helps :)

It sure did, thx Robert and David for your time!

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