[JDEV] Exodus / JPOL : Conversion of API for Components - thread pbs

Sylvain Roberdeau sylvain.roberdeau at terravirtual.net
Mon May 26 07:14:00 CDT 2003


    I'm trying to convert JOPL API  (Delphi) to use it to develop Service.
    My first attempt with Windows works fine with a dedicated 
TJabberAuth Class for Service authentication. And the code is very fast 
(good job !!)

My second step is to convert it to Kylix 3 for Linux support :
    - Change Unicode API from (TNT to Eldos) to support Linux
    - some little modification about Condition for Compilation (Kylix 3 
supports INDY 9).
My test project works fine but I encounter a problem with Thread
After the TSocketThread.Start (_thread.start in 
TXMLSocketStream.Connect),  the TSocketThread.Run is not called.
As they are TIdThread descendant, I suppose my problem is fired by 

    Do you know pb with TIdThread under Kylix 3 (with a Linux Mandrake 9)?

Sylvain Roberdeau

Terra Virtual ( http://www.terravirtual.net )
Président Directeur Général
73, rue de Saussure
75017 PARIS

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