[JDEV] Microsoft adds IM functionality to Office :\

Timothy Carpenter timbeau_hk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 28 11:52:59 CDT 2003

On 28/5/03 4:52 pm, "Bart van Bragt" <jabber at vanbragt.com> wrote:

> Found this on ZDNet UK:
> http://news.zdnet.co.uk/story/0,,t269-s2135279,00.html
> Wasn't very pleased with it :\ Also don't like the fact that this editor
> doesn't seem to be aware of the existence of Jabber/XMPP :\
The world is full of scribblers who only regurgitate the pap supplied by the
wintel world press office. Latest is watching Intel's wireless ads, you'd
think this was new...I've been unwired on my Mac for years.


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