[JDEV] Exodus is looking for translations

Adrian Rapa adrian at dtedu.net
Fri May 30 10:28:40 CDT 2003

heh... i'll take the romanian :)

Pe 1/1/1970, "Peter Millard" <me at pgmillard.com> a scris:

>Greetings all, and I apologize in advance for the cross-posting.
>As of the latest release of my client, Exodus (, the codebase has
>the required hooks in place to be translated using the GNU Get-Text
>I've added a translation HOWTO page to the exodus website:
>Which details the process (it's very easy).
>There are currently just a few translations in progress (Spanish, Catalan,
>Portuguese). I'm looking for help in compiling a MUCH larger list of
>languages. For the next major release, I'd like to have languages
>directly from the installer.
>I'm especially interested in a Polish translation since there is such a
>Jabber community in that country.
>If you are interested in helping, please subscribe to the exodus-dev
>list (links on the page above), and dive in!
>Looking forward to hearing from of all you folks which are at least
>jdev mailing list
>jdev at jabber.org

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