[JDEV] Re: The easiest/fastest way to develop jabber apps?

Tony Cheung tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Sun Nov 2 08:55:44 CST 2003

Hi Rosdi,

Welcome to the Jabber World.

I would recommend taking a look at Exodus, a open-source Jabber client 
written in Delphi.


If you don't have any special need, you could easily create a branded 
version of Exodus, by following the below instructions,


Tony Cheung

Rosdi Kasim wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to this Jabber world. I just been asked to develop and instant 
> messenger software akin to Yahoo Messenger. However this yet to be named 
> IM going to be used only within our organisation (not public IM).
> Since I have only 3 months to deliver this, so I need to know what is 
> the easiest and quickest way to develop one. I am no C++ guru, so if 
> possible I want to avoid that. I am thinking of doing it either in 
> Delphi or C#, Java is out of the question since I do not want to force 
> everyone to install JRE to use the IM.
> Brief Requirement:
> - Platform : Windows 98 or above (for client, the server may use either 
> Windows or Linux)
> - Language : Preferably Delphi or C# (definitely not Java)
> - Timeframe : 3 months
> I am browsing the jabber website and doing google search right now.., 
> however if someone can give me some pointers or directions that would be 
> nice.. :-)
> Regards,
> Rosdi.

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