[JDEV] Multiplex client sessions over single tcp stream

Nicholas Perez nick at jabberstudio.org
Sun Nov 2 22:23:10 CST 2003

Writing your own c2s would have it's advantages but it is certainly the 
most time consuming. Connections via the component:accept method would 
be a more suitable solution to your situation. Developing a component 
against the 1.4 reference implementation server is trivial and then you 
can multiplex till your heart is content. Note: This is exactly what the 
[INSERT OTHER PROTOCOL]-to-JABBER(tm) transports and gateways do. Take a 
look at the various code bases for ideas perhaps.


Colin Surprenant wrote:

> Hi,
> I am in the process of analysing my strategy for a project that 
> involves the integration of a Jabber server inside an existing 
> application framework and I could really use some help and pointers to 
> help me identify the best strategy to adopt in my particular environment.
> My existing application framework is a client-server architecture and 
> is driven by a Java backend. I basically want to add real-time 
> events/notifications and messaging capabilities to my framework with 
> the use of a Jabber server.
> What I am looking after is a way to interconnect my application Java 
> backend to Jabber without creating multiple tcp streams as in the 
> current standard way of connecting multiple users with one tcp stream 
> per user. My application backend already handles one tcp stream per 
> connected client. All my connected clients share a central messaging 
> engine for application level events dispatching.
> What I would like to do is connect my application messaging engine to 
> the Jabber server using a single tcp stream to handle all my clients 
> Jabber sessions. My messaging engine could very well handle the 
> multiplexing/demultiplexing of the  Jabber sessions & streams for each 
> client but I am not sure how to go about the Jabber side of this 
> scenario. Should I consider creating a custom c2s component for my 
> specific needs?
> Any help and pointers will be appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Colin Surprenant
> ng at metaxia.com
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