[JDEV] Re: jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate again

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Tue Nov 4 12:00:52 CST 2003

Hi Frank!

Frank Seesink schrieb am 2003-11-04 11:09:01:
> Well, bad news.  Attempts to compile jadc2s under Cygwin failed, 
> regardless of whether configured with mio_poll (default) or mio_select 
> (./configure --enable-select).  In both cases, the problem lies in the 
> use of inet_ntop()--and likely would fail if other common BIND functions 
> are used--common under *nix but apparently still not supported under 
> Cygwin. *sigh*

AFAIK inet_ntop() is not implemented in bind but in the glibc. The
interesting part of this is that inet_ntop() is part of native Windows
as far as I know. I'm surprized that it isn't supported by Cygwin.

I don't know how it should be replaced. Sure you can implement the
function yourself, but the older function inet_ntoa() is not really a
choice as it is very limited in functionality and I'd call it depricated

Tot kijk

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