[JDEV] Re: jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate again

David Sutton jabber at dsutton.legend.uk.com
Tue Nov 4 21:29:16 CST 2003

Hi Frank, 

  Yes, i'm peregrine. That email address should work but i've not heard anything yet. Could you try one thing for me - if 
glib2 will compile under cygwin, can you try the cvs version of mu-conference. I know of some instability issues in the 
v0.5.x series, and this should have fixed them. I'm just unable to get cygwin running at the moment due to the download 



On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 09:49:04PM -0500, Frank Seesink wrote:
> David Sutton wrote:
> >Hi there,
> >
> >  I'd advise against using MU-Conference v0.3 - there are a number of 
> >  issues and whole that were fixed in the v0.5.x series, and v0.6.0 is due 
> >out hopefully very soon (just waiting for some feedback)
> Hey David!
> I'm afraid I don't have much of a choice.
> 	Under Cygwin, MU-Conference v0.52 == BOOM!
> I can get it to compile under Cygwin, and I can fire up Jabberd with 
> MU-C hooked in, but the moment I try to create a room, BOOM!  Jabberd 
> segfaults and I lose my entire Jabber server.  MU-C v0.3, on the other 
> hand, has been a rock-solid champ so far.
> I realize it's not up-to-date and has issues of one sort or another, but 
> as the Cygwin version of Jabberd 1.4.x was never officially supported, 
> and all I've done is found a way to be able to build it a little bit 
> better than what it was before, not to mention build/hook in things like 
> JUD and MU-Conference, I figure something is better than nothing.
> For example, even with what I've done, under Cygwin you cannot run 
> Jabberd in debug mode (i.e., jabberd -d), as it segfaults before getting 
> anywhere.  I believe I've tracked this down to GNU Pth, which in turn is 
> doing a fork(), which is just wreaking havoc under Cygwin.  I can't 
> explain why it's happening, as all I've been doing is massaging 
> Makefiles to mimick what was done in earlier work and getting pieces to 
> compile/work together.  But these kinds of side effects I haven't had 
> time to figure out, as it requires doing a good bit of debugging work or 
> digging through the code and figuring out what all's going on (and I 
> just don't have that kind of time at the moment).  Other than this, 
> however, Jabberd runs just fine.  I've had a server up for weeks at a 
> time, only restarting when the Windows box it was on had to be restarted 
> (usually due to security updates :-) ).
> By the way, I just emailed peregrine, the listed owner of the MU-C 
> component on JabberStudio, earlier today with the modified Makefile 
> attached.  But I notice your name whenever discussion of MU-C is going 
> on here on the list.  Are you peregrine?  Or have I sent email to an 
> outdated address?
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