[JDEV] Re: jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate again

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Nov 5 12:19:02 CST 2003

Hi Peter!

Peter G. Millard schrieb am 2003-11-05 07:02:23:
> Not on my XP-Pro install that I'm using now (US install).. There is no way
> to turn on IPv6. This is why they have the developer preview stuff... but
> they say that it's just a "beta-technology preview" (yadda, yadda) for XP.

It gets installed if you install the IPv4 stack (normal IP) but is
disabled and it does not have a GUI to configure it (infact you don't
have to configure IPv6). To enable IPv6 on standard XP you just have to
enter "ipv6 install" (this is just to enable it, not to install it) or
use the equivalent netsh command.
Since last spring or summer a completely new IPv6 stack (the same as in
Win 2003) is available through the Windows update service. Microsoft
seems to push IPv6 as their new p2p framework needs an installed IPv6
stack and uses IPv6.
The good thing about IPv6 in the windows implementation is that it
included the Toredo protocol that enables NAT traversal for outgoing AND
incoming connections. Infact I think this is the main point why
Microsoft has choosen IPv6 as the basis for their p2p framework.

Tot kijk

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